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4 Benefits of having Consistent Routine

Ever had the struggle of having to “get back into the routine”? The struggle is true for our children as well. After stopping something, getting back into the routine can be challenging.

Children especially appreciate a consistent routine rather than the unknown, which can be stressful.

Here, we share why having a consistent routine for children is essential.

1. Gain confidence and independence

Having a routine, children will learn when it is time to bring out their Kumon worksheets and school homework. Rather than being told what to do, they will take pride in knowing what to do. With time, they will feel confident they can take charge of themselves.

2. Establish healthy habits

Consistent routines help children build healthy habits and manage their time. In the long run, they will develop the self-discipline and habit to do what they need at a specific time.

3. Establish expectations

Rather than having a power struggle with our children, having consistency helps them become accustomed to knowing when it is time to study. As these dedicated times get internalised by our children, it will be easier to transition from one activity to another.

4. Prevent learning loss

Supports our children in a more structured manner by setting up a consistent daily routine throughout the year, even during school holidays, can help protect their learning loss and set them up for a successful year.