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4 Tips for managing homework

A month into returning to school, homework is no stranger to our children. Homework has many benefits, including consolidating their learning in class, retaining information and countering a phenomenon known as the "forgetting curve", where students forget more than half the information within the first few days of learning. As parents, how do we help our children manage their homework better?

Here're 4 tips to help our children manage their school and Kumon homework.

1. Establish a study routine
Discuss with our children when they would prefer to do their homework and are more focused. Be sure to schedule short breaks to rest; for example, they can sleep for 15 minutes after an hour of homework. Encourage our children to stick to this routine, as with time; they will be able to get used to this routine and complete their homework habitually.

2. Provide a homework-friendly area
Set up a well-lit study area that is free of distractions like toys, screens and loud noises. Ensure stationery, such as pencils, erasers, sharpeners or pencil lead refills, are provided.

3. Let them work out the answers on their own
We learn from our mistakes. Instead of giving answers to our children straightaway, they learn better if they work out the answers independently and make mistakes. We can guide and point them in the right direction, but our children should be responsible for their own learning.

4. Support your children
Show our children that we care. Ask about their day in school, homework, tests and quizzes. Wherever possible, make ourselves available for them to consult on homework and check completed homework. Give them sufficient time to unwind and relax.