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4 Ways Kumon Parents can Support Their Child’s Learning

Parents' involvement in their child's learning at home is vital in encouraging their child to stay on track. Here are some ways a Kumon parent can support their child's learning at home.


1. Allocate and stick to a specific study time

Providing regular study time and sticking to it can keep your child on track and avoid homework meltdowns. Mostly, it is advisable to study during the day because the mind will be more alert. The study time on weekdays may differ from weekends. For example, your child can start studying after dinner on weekdays but after breakfast on weekends. What is important is that your child follows the same study time every day. In that way, your child can become accustomed to the learning routine. Consistency is the key.


2. Guide your child to work independently

Kumon is a self-learning programme. Therefore it is not necessary to teach anything at home. Your child should be able to complete his or her daily homework independently as each worksheet builds on the skills developed from previous levels. Your child may ask for help, but instead of teaching him or her, you can guide your child to work independently by saying, "Let's reread the worksheet instructions." or "Let's look at the previous examples together."


3. Give praise and encouragement

Children's motivation comes from the success they experience as they become independent learners. Praise from parents will help to keep them on track. When you see your child working on the same worksheet, you can encourage him or her by saying, "I can see that you are working very hard on this."

Kumon is about daily exercise that requires a lot of determination and discipline. It is natural for your child to feel that they have had enough in the middle of their daily homework. When your child seems frustrated or demotivated, hug your child and take a short break together rather than pushing him or her to continue.


4. Maintain good communication with the Instructor

Communicate with your child's Instructor regularly to understand your child's progression - this gives you first-hand knowledge of what your child is learning and how well he or she is coping. Feedback for your child can come from you too. One way to communicate with your Instructor could be by sharing a video clip of how your child is doing his or her Kumon worksheets at home. Kumon parents, students and Instructors have to work closely together to maximise each child's learning.

If there is anything that may impact your child's studies, you can inform his or her Instructor to adjust the study plan and achieve a balance with his or her daily schedule and study progress. It will ensure your child continues to relish the joy of learning.