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4 ways to develop confident children

Confidence is vital to a child’s development. Children lacking in confidence will be reluctant to try new or challenging things due to the fear of failing. Confident children, on the other hand, are better equipped to handle challenges and responsibilities. What is the key factor in developing confident children?

That’s us! The parents and Instructors!

The way adults respond to children as they explore their world forms the basis for dealing with challenges. They learn that they are good at some things and not so good at others. The response of adults influences their confidence in their abilities.

Here are some ways we can have our children beaming with confidence.

1. Allow them to make mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, and we should help our children understand that it is essential to learn from our mistakes. When they have learnt to handle errors or failures, they will become more confident because they know that they are not afraid to make mistakes or fail.

2. Encourage them to try new things.

We should encourage our children to try new things, be it a new sport, musical instrument or another Kumon subject. Picking up new skills and knowledge helps our children become confident learners. With time, as their confidence grows, they will feel that they have handled any new task or challenge.

3. Celebrate accomplishments

When our children have achievements, winning a match or progressing to a new level in their Kumon study, we should celebrate their achievements. A nice meal, a new toy or book, or extra time to do something they like are confidence boosters that will spur them to be better.

4. Praise effort

Regardless of whether they succeed, it takes a lot of effort for our children to learn a new skill or attempt a new level of worksheets. Let our children know that we are proud of their effort to encourage them to continue trying.