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4 ways to instil Perseverance

Perseverance plays a crucial role in building the children's character, which helps them overcome obstacles and keeps them moving towards their goals no matter how difficult they are.


Here are four ways to encourage young children to keep on trying.


1 Show respect for children's struggles.

Parents can show respect for children's struggles by acknowledging with "This new topic can be hard," or "It is not a simple task." So when the children do succeed, it is a meaningful accomplishment. But if they fail, at least they know that they have made an effort on the complex tasks.

2 Show respect for children's eventual readiness.

Try not to disregard children's fears and hesitancy by saying, "Getting organised is simple. I'll show you how," or "Don't be afraid of riding a bicycle. It doesn't bite!" Instead, acknowledge children's timetable with "Beginning new school term can be tricky. Soon you will figure it out and get organised," or "When you are ready and comfortable, you can try the bicycle."

3 Give encouraging remarks for children to enjoy the process.

Everyone needs encouragement. Try saying things like:

  • "New topic can be challenging and takes a while to comprehend fully. Each time you do, you'll be one step closer to mastering it. Keep at it. You can do it!"
  • "You should be proud of yourself. Even though you fell, you brushed yourself off and got right back on the bike."

4 Be a role model.

Children do as we do, not as we say. Parents can set the best example for children struggling to achieve.

  • "I finally learned how to bake bread. I kept trying different recipes and talking to my friend who has years of experience. I'm glad I kept trying!"