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5 Ways to help with your Children’s Organisation Skills

Let us look at five ways to help your children keep things organised in a breeze in the new school year.


1. Dedicate one homework space

To boost organisation and productivity, you can help to establish one (and only one) quiet, uncluttered homework space for your children - whether it's in their room or at the kitchen table so long it is a comfortable and a quiet place with few distractions for them.

2. Establish consistent schedules and routines

Setting a regular followed schedule is one of the best ways to help your children get things done consistently and efficiently. Help your children make a "study hour" schedule by encouraging them to stick to the plan even when they don't have homework. They can still read, review classwork, or even dive into a fun activity book.

3. Try checklists and inspections

Develop a daily school-to-home list of materials that need to make it into the backpack so you can review it with your children before and after school. Even if it's as simple as "3 Things To Do Before Bed" or "What To Take On Vacation," this help to strategise tasks and organise time. Crossing completed items off the list will help children feel a sense of accomplishment.

4. Get your children a kid-friendly planner

Get them a kid-friendly planner that enables them to personalise, like Jane's Best Year Planner. Having their planner will show them that you consider their time valuable, and that organisation is something worth celebrating.

5. Provide necessary support while your children are learning to become more organised.

Help your children develop organisational skills by photocopying checklists and schedules and taping them to the refrigerator. Give children gentle reminders about filling in calendar dates and keeping papers and materials organised. Most important, you will have to set a good example.