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Achieve your learning goals with continuous Kumon study

"Small, incremental goals help build continuous momentum towards achieving a bigger goal."

You may have read it on a blog or seen it on a motivational poster, and there is much truth behind it. It is easy to set a big goal from the get-go, but to stick with it until the end? More often than not, people falter, lose confidence or give up altogether. Small goals are easier to achieve on a regular basis, so we can set them more often, build off them, and constantly see ourselves getting better.

Likewise, with Kumon, establishing a routine of a little bit of Kumon each day develops into a healthy lifestyle. Daily practice is one of the central features of the Kumon Method. By practising consistently, Kumon students build up strong study habits and can go far beyond the scale of the heights in academics.

At Kumon, we recognise students' every little achievement along their way to reaching the end goal of the Kumon programme – completion of the Kumon subject programmes. For each qualifying month, here are the various recognition for students studying ahead of the school grade level (6-months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years and 5 years).

Qualifying Month6-months, 1 year,
2 years and 3 years ahead
5 years and ahead

An Advanced Students Forum (ASF) is held annually in October to commemorate the achievements of Kumon Programme Completers and students studying five years ahead.

So, parents, keep track of your children's learning goals with the Kumon Instructor and strive towards hitting all those little milestones. Enjoy the process along the way, recognise and praise each step.