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Advanced Student Medal

We cannot emphasise enough that the key to successfully achieving the end goal is to acknowledge and celebrate the small goals along the way. Acknowledging your children's small wins give them a feeling of pride and happiness. It motivates them to move on the right path, gives them extra strength to soldier on and reach the stars. 

With this in mind, we will continue to encourage and motivate our students with the Advanced Student Medal every quarter. Based on the Advanced Student Honour Roll (ASHR) qualifying months of September, December and March, advanced students will receive the medal for learning above their school grade level. 


1. How does my child qualify to receive the Advanced Student Medal?

a) Your child must not be absent in the ASHR qualifying months of September, December and March. 

b) He/she must also study materials at least six months ahead of school grade level in the ASHR qualifying months of September, December and March.

2. When will my child receive the medals?

a) September -> End of October*

b) December -> End of Jan in the following year*

c) March -> End April*

*Subjected to availability and unforeseen circumstances.

3. Will my child still receive the ASHR gold medal or trophy for the qualifying month of June?

Yes. To celebrate the mid-term goal, students who have achieved the ASHR level of six months, two years and three years in June will be awarded the ASHR gold medal. And students who have attained the ASHR level of 5 years and beyond will receive the ASHR trophy.

4. How to differentiate the Advanced Student Medal for my child who is studying multi-subjects?

The colour of the lanyard differentiates each subject:

a) Blue for Mathematics (ME and MJ)

b) Red for English (EE and EJ) 

c) Green for Chinese and Japanese