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How Do Enrichment Classes Develop Children’s Results In School?

Kumon is the world's leading after-school enrichment programme, trusted by over four million Kumon families all over the world. In Singapore, we offer English, Mathematics and Chinese enrichment classes.

Kumon doesn’t inherently follow the Singaporean school curriculum but instead, is a structured, proven self-learning programme that provides your child with the critical thinking skills and approach to learning new materials independently. The key to the Kumon Method is building strong academic foundations from an early age where children progress at their own pace, advancing step by logical step whilst gaining confidence and independence in taking challenges head-on – developing a love for learning along the way.

By attending Kumon’s enrichment classes, children also develop discipline in completing daily tasks; borne from its daily study approach. In turn, this inculcates good and healthy study habits at home and in school.

Kumon’s subject programmes advance your child’s abilities in the classroom and throughout life.

What Is The Kumon Method?

The Kumon method was created by Toru Kumon when he realised that if his son individually focused on mathematics at his individual level, he would then excel and focus on other subjects that he was good in and could enjoy the rest on his own time.

The Kumon method caters their worksheets according to each individual student based on their own individual abilities and not based on their grade level. The worksheets are created from the student’s initial level than advanced to harder levels after training and elevating their ability of the subject.

Kumon instructors are trained to provide hints or guide their students to find the answer rather than providing the solutions immediately.

Through The Kumon Method, students will be able to advance beyond school grade level independently. This develops their analytical ability, encourages perseverance, gains confidence and creates healthy self-esteem in Kumon students. They will do well in their other subjects as well because they have confidence and are applying the self-learning skills developed through Kumon’s enrichment classes.

English Enrichment Programme for Kids

To master a language, one must have both receptive and productive skills - Reading and listening are receptive skills, while writing and speaking are productive skills.

The English Programme begins by improving students’ vocabulary and developing higher-level reading skills. Kumon also provides the students with a suitable reading list according to their proficiency level in English.

Here is a brief overview of Kumon’s English Enrichment Classes in Singapore:

Repeating And Reciting

Reading and reciting is the ability to read texts and associate the meanings of words to the subject matter involved.

Learning To Read And Write

Students will learn to read texts aloud and write words by tracing the outline of letters to form and write words.

Visualising And Passage

Students will learn how to understand and compose simple sentences, then learn to view the sequence of events of a passage. Students will also learn how to identify the who, what, when, where and how (5Ws and 1H) elements of comprehending passages.

Children learn to improve their reading comprehension abilities as well as how to read silently.

Identifying The Topic Of Each Paragraph

Students learn how to read a passage while understanding the topic of other paragraphs. They will comprehend how to compose, link and interpret sentences and paragraphs.


This is a more advanced lesson where kids will learn how to explain the summary process, starting with one summarised passage from an entire passage, then completing the summary by reorganising the sentences in a paragraph while not diverting from the topic.

Reading Critically

Students will advance their critical reading ability by writing comments on passages from a perspective. Students will also learn how to support or go against an opinion using information from a passage and interpret the literature.

Maths Enrichment Programme for Students

Maths helps us understand the world, be it the relativity of things, crunching taxes or analysing patterns, they’re all around us.

Maths is a subject that requires practice to improve their scores. Kumon teaches kids of all ages from preschoolers, primary school to secondary school. Kumon doesn’t follow the school curriculum but rather bases its lessons on the individual abilities of each child.

The maths enrichment classes at Kumon start with teaching students how to read and recognise numbers, then advancing to simple maths operations and fractions. At higher levels, students will practice upper secondary algebra and calculus.

Chinese Enrichment Programme for Children

Mandarin Chinese is both an ancient language and a very relevant one in today’s society where China is a global superpower. To build, advance and achieve good communication in Mandarin is favourable to most businesses today.

The Kumon Chinese Enrichment Programme is similar to the English programme where aspects of the Chinese language are developed. Some of these areas include writing, reading, grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension, oral comprehension and essay writing. In a multilingual society like Singapore, students require a good grasp of their mother tongue and be equipped with these language skills.

Enrol Your Child In Kumon Enrichment Classes Today

The Kumon method incorporates practice together with the love for learning to create an independent, well-rounded student. Kumon enrols kids from preschool to secondary school to better their abilities in their studies. We offer English, Mathematics and Chinese enrichment classes locally. In Singapore, you can sign up here or to any of the 83 Kumon learning centres to register for a consultation session.