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Home Marking Guides

To further optimise your children's learning with Kumon, we encourage parents to mark their children's completed worksheets (by referring to the Answer Books in My Kumon App) at home promptly. By doing so, you will not only see their learning progress daily but also enable them to learn from any mistakes by correcting errors on the same day, especially when the content is still fresh in their minds.


Here're some guides to mark the Maths and Languages Worksheets for you.

Draw a large circle (O) on each page if there is no mistake.
Place a tick (√) through the question number of any incorrect or unattempted.
Place a triangle (∆) on the question number for any incomplete question.
• E.g. A Fraction is not reduced to the lowest term. (For Maths)
• E.g. A minor error of spelling, punctuation or inappropriate use of capital letters. (For Languages
Place a small circle (O) around the tick or triangle once the corrections are made.


  1. For English worksheets in Level DI and above, an answer not written exactly the same as the Answer Book may still be correct.
  2. While making corrections, children should erase and correct only that part of the mistake.


The ultimate goal of Kumon is for your children to advance school grade level through the self-study of the worksheets. They should review their work, locate the mistakes and make corrections on their own. When your children cannot make the corrections, praise them for their effort and submit the worksheets to the centre so that the Instructor will guide them accordingly (during the lesson) to develop their self-learning ability.

While there are many benefits to daily home marking and corrections for your children, please do not overburden yourself with it. And it would be best to approach your Instructor whenever you encounter any challenges in home marking. Remember your children's Instructor is always there to support you and your children's learning journey.