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How to infuse the joy of learning?

Infusing joy with learning will intrinsically make children eager and motivated to learn new things simply because they love what they are learning and find learning enjoyable.

Here are some ways to enhance your children's desire to learn.

1. Develop an atmosphere of reading

Children who develop a love of reading, develop a love for learning. Reading not only helps children develop a much richer vocabulary but also helps their brains learn how to process concepts and formal communication. Fill their world with reading, such as reading to them frequently or creating a family reading time.

2. Put your children in the driver's seat

Children who feel they are in charge tend to be more engaged and motivated to learn. For example, you could give more autonomy to your children by allowing them to decide their learning goals for academic subjects or choose their preferred extracurricular activities.

3. Display patience

When children are developing skills through practice on unfamiliar or complex tasks, you can display patience by giving time and space for them to complete tasks independently. When your children seem stuck, encourage them to refer to their previous learning as opposed to providing the solution. Focus on what they are learning and praise signs of progress instead of how they perform.

4. Recognise and celebrate achievements

No matter how small they may be, it is essential to recognise and celebrate your children's achievements. Preschoolers, especially, require constant positive reinforcement to keep them motivated to learn and challenge themselves to do better.

5. Make every day a learning day

Encourage your children to explore the world around them, ask questions and make connections. Suppose your children are learning fractions in Maths. In that case, you can highlight the real-life importance of learning it and provide some real-world applications such as baking, robotics programming, or even playing the piano.