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How’s Kumon Programme different from tutoring?

The real value of Kumon, and what sets us apart from other learning programmes and tutoring, is the impact our unique method makes on children’s success throughout school, and beyond.




Address the root of the problem by strengthening the learning fundamentals of each child.Often address an immediate need required by children, such as help with algebra or fractions.
Identify each child's learning gap or current ability and start him/her with an appropriate and comfortable learning material.May begin children with material similar to their current school grade level.
Instil self-learning skills in each child by guiding him/her to learn by studying examples and doing the work on his/her own.Often explain how to solve a problem, which makes the child become a passive learner.
Keep each child advancing regardless of his/her age or school grade. Every child can continue to advance to the highest levels through high school calculus and Shakespeare even after his/her current examination grade improves.Typically end when children catch up with their current school grade material or achieve a particular grade for the upcoming examination.


The goal of Kumon is for children to study above school grade level once they have filled the gaps in their learning.

As children advance through the programme, they often find that schoolwork becomes easier in the subject they are learning with Kumon and other subjects. This is because their newly developed study skills and ability to self-learn provide them more time to focus on other subjects that may need more attention.

Kumon's curriculum is designed for progressive, long-term study. Therefore, a continued study in the programme can unlock and maximise each child's learning potential!