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Zoom Meeting Etiquette for Kids

A combination of classroom-based and online learning is the mainstay for the foreseeable future and perhaps beyond. While our children are using video conferencing platforms such as Zoom to communicate with teachers and friends more often, we should educate them on some etiquette guidelines to observe when on these platforms. Here are some tips for you:


1. Have Materials Ready
Be ready for your zoom meeting. Gather any materials you need ahead of time. Also, make sure you go to the bathroom beforehand. If you want to have water, grab a bottle before the zoom starts.

2. Stay in One Spot During the Zoom
I know this seems like a great time to give your school friends a tour of your home and introduce them to your pets, but resist the urge. It’s distracting to the class. So, stay put and schedule a video call with your friends later to give them the house tour.

3. Don’t Use a Fun Background
Zoom has many fun backgrounds, but don’t use them when you are with your teacher or coach. It makes it very difficult for them to see you. If possible, find a spot in your house that has a simple background and has good lighting. But, don’t sit in front of a window with the light streaming in behind you; that will also make it hard for people to see you.

4. Know When and How to Mute
The mute button is your friend in zoom. When your device picks up any sound, zoom grabs your screen and puts you in front and middle. That’s great if you are answering a question or adding a comment. However, it’s not so great if your brother and sister are playing loudly in the next room. Turn on mute and keep it on until it is your time to speak.

5. Find a Quiet Spot
To avoid distraction for you and the others on the conference call, find a quiet spot in your house. It will be easier for classmates or teammates to hear from you and for you to listen to them.

6. Be On-Time
Be on time for your zoom call. Ask Mom or Dad to log you into the session a few minutes early to make sure your device is working rightly.

7. Wait Your Turn
Teachers and coaches will probably give you a signal to use, like raising your hand, if you have something to say. Use good manners by using this signal before speaking.

8. Be Presentable
Take a few minutes to make yourself presentable. Brush your hair and teeth. Change out of your pyjamas.

9. Be Respectful
During your zoom meetings with classmates, act like you would in your class at school. If you wouldn’t chew gum, crunch on snacks, or talk with your brother during a class at school, don’t do it on the call. Learning the zoom meeting etiquette will help make the calls with classmates and teammates more fun!