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Raising Children Who Love Learning

November 5, 2021

The benefits of learning don’t stop after school. Children who are the best at learning are those who love to learn. And since learning starts when we are children, there is no better time to foster a love of learning than childhood. So, how can parents raise children to love to learn? Share Your Passion…

Praise vs Encouragement

October 18, 2021

Praise and encouragement are two different things. Praise is a quick, verbal ‘reward’ parents give when they like their child’s behaviour. Encouragement, on the other hand, is more descriptive. It draws your child’s attention to his or her own actions. It helps children know why their actions are helpful and appreciated. Encouragement often helps children…

4 ways to instil Perseverance

September 7, 2021

Perseverance plays a crucial role in building the children’s character, which helps them overcome obstacles and keeps them moving towards their goals no matter how difficult they are.   Here are four ways to encourage young children to keep on trying.   1 Show respect for children’s struggles. Parents can show respect for children’s struggles…

3 tips for solving word problems

August 3, 2021

Word problems in mathematics can be tricky because they require children to read and comprehend the text of the problem, identify what math operation to use, and then do the calculations correctly.   Here are three quick tips to guide your children solve word problems.   1 Mark up the problem Get your children to…

5 Tips on Raising Readers

July 23, 2021

Reading plays an integral part in education and helps children to grow mentally and emotionally. Every book provides children with an opportunity to build empathy, lengthen their attention span, think critically, inspire their creativity, and spark curiosity.   Here are five tips for raising a child who loves to read.   1. Visit the library…